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Rozzie’s Plea – please give me a chance

IMG_3510Hello wonderful people ! My name is Rozzie but these humans here call me Rozzie-Rooooo all the time 🙂 A terrible thing happened to me when I was much younger, my family died and there was nobody else who could take care of me 🙁 For a long time I was very sad and I sometimes still miss them. But I know my new family are out there, somewhere…

Don’t be fooled by the grey in my muzzle folks, I am an energetic girl who loves to go on hikes and adventures. I love to be busy and I love to do stuff. I am super clever and if I could train and learn new stuff all day long, I would!

I am an outdoorsy girl so if you want to throw the ball or the frizbee or pretty much anything…. I would love to play! I am a happy girl who loves attention and I will sit on your lap if given half a chance 🙂

I am super social with other dogs and I would love to have a friend who can play with with me. My favourite game is “catch me if you can” followed by “tug-o-war”. I am not a fan of cats though, if I have to be honest.

I am good with kids and humans of all shapes and sizes! What a bonus, right?

Please come and meet me, I am an older girl but I have a lot of spunk and personality and you are guaranteed to fall in love with me.

Contact the humans at Dogtown and ask them about Rozzie Roo, I promise you won’t regret it!

adopt@dogtownsa.org / 076 044 1979