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Rozzie’s Tutu

FullSizeRender-7So there I was, just chilling in my garden, minding my own business, playing with a squeaky ball …. when I saw my caregiver, Wilmi (I like to call her stretch) come into my garden with THAT look on her face. It could only mean one thing, there was another group challenge and it clearly had ROZZIE written all over it! Every now and again the caregivers take part in group challenges where they do the most ridiculous things which us furkids simply LOVE! Every time one lucky furkid gets chosen to master the task at hand and this time it was moi, Rozzie-Roo, Rozter – the Roz-meister!  Stretch looked at me and I just knew by the dorky look on her face and that strange excitement in her eyes … its a dancing challenge!

Now the Roz-Meister is cool with what life hands me, but it took me a while to put 2 and 2 (get it? TUTU) together. For months, every day stretch and I practiced, but none of it made sense to me. It wasn’t dancing. We would do these random tasks at a time and yeah it was fun, but i couldn’t figure out what walking backward and spinning had anything to do with dancing. Be that as it may, it looked like stretch was having so much fun so i didnt question her. Then one day (not too long ago), she played some music, we did a couple of moves and voila …. it all came together … we were dancing! Out of nowhere we had a perfect routine where we did super cool things like left paw, right paw, walking backwards, sit-stay, knee tapping, double knee tapping, spinning and jumping to name a few of my perfect moves! I could be a professional, I realize that, but I feel bad for stretch, she needs more practise hehe.

I was so excited i could hardly contain myself! My bum would just NOT stay on the floor but that’s ok …. the routine stretch worked out for me included some bum way-up-in-the-air moves which was so awesome!

We practiced and practiced and then I saw THAT look on her face again, I wondered what on earth she was up to now and then I saw the package in her hand. I couldn’t get myself to look away and I’m glad i didn’t. There it was, the most beautiful, pink tutu I have ever seen, and it was MINE! (stretch must have thought it was really cool because yes, she got one for herself too.) I LOVED IT! I felt like a real rock star when I put it on. It doesn’t make sense but our dance routine became 100 times better now that the package was complete. I cant explain how much fun I had. Every now and again stretch made a mistake and we laughed for hours at her dorky dance moves. The song was a bit old school, Ive never heard of Simply Red before but I felt like a STAR so it was quite appropriate come to think of it.

Yesterday we went to a special garden, in our special matching outfits, with beautiful green lawns and loads of trees. Thats when we had our moment of fame. A member of the paparazzi was there hiding behind a tree, filming the whole shebang. I have to admit, we did an awesome job, me and my stretch! I’ve heard some of the other furkids brag about their dance routines and some of them think they are better than us but then I realise its because they never got to see us in our Tutu’s. They would see us soon enough.

The BIG day arrived and we waited in anticipation for our name to be called. Then it happened …… “IN SECOND PLACE, ROZZIE & STRETCH”!! The crowd went wild. I could not believe my ears! Even though we didn’t win, I had the time of my life and the tutu is mine to wear whenever i feel down.  Princess Rozzie, yeah I like the sound of that!

One of my prizes was a very cool nylabone but to be honest, they are not my favourite. I prefer them squeaky toys! So Stretch has promised to go buy me some cool squeekies as reward and in true Rozzie style, I have given my nylabone prize to the handsome fella across from me. His name is Courage and I heard via the grapevine that he is the candidate for the next challenge. Good luck Courage, Rozzie will be rooting for you all the way!

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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