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Ryder changed her ways

IMG_9730Hello folks! My name is Ryder. I decided to turn my life around, to change my ways for the greater good. This is my transformation story.

I used to be a real rough rider and really lived up to my name. I had a reputation around here as being a bit of a rebel. I was always jumping up right into a person’s face, I barked up a storm every time someone walked past my garden, no matter where they were they were going, I shouted at my next door dogs through the fence until they got fed up with me and started shouting back. Oh I just loved making chaos and getting all the other dogs in this lovely neighbourhood called Dogtown all worked up! But it was not all fun and games… I must say people did not enjoy my crazy habits much. It made most guys scared to spend time with me and I did not get all that many cuddles or back scratches. Something had to be done. My caretaker did not give up on me, she knew I had it in me to be a good girl.

So she came into my garden every day no matter if I wanted to listen to her or not. She turned her back on my bad behaviour and gave me such yummy snacks for just sitting down instead of jumping up. She also made me sniff out treats all around my garden so it kept me busy and I had no time to jump up or bark. Very soon I knew that sitting and waiting for treats when she came to see me was the better choice and my jumping habits went right out the window. It was just so much more rewarding to have her giving me snacks and attention instead of being a jumping jack.

Every time I ran up to the gate to bark and shout she would ask me to be silent and I would get treats when I kept quiet. Now my tail wiggles super-fast when I see her coming my way but I know I don’t have to make a big noise for her to pay attention to me. I don’t even have to bark at any other humans around here although I sometimes still do just to make sure they know I’m still here.

I now love being a good girl and everybody enjoys coming to visit me. They can now pet me without any fear and how I love to be petted! I will wiggle like a little worm and my tail will not stop wagging if you will just give me some scratches on my back. I am learning all kinds of cool things now and I pay attention and behave nicely in every class. I know I still have a lot to learn but I am well on my way to being a straight A student!

By Danel, Caregiver

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