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Ryder’s new hobby

Photo 2015-10-24, 2 51 50 PMRyder at an agility course is a synonym for bull in a china shop. Those of you that have ever owned a pit bull will know that they are 110% muscle with the personality of an eternal puppy. Ryder is by far my strongest pitti and even though the gym sees me lifting weights 3 days a week, she is still a challenging dog to work with. You can’t take a break for just one day because tomorrow she is double the trouble.

So what do you do with a dog that has boundless energy and will keep playing fetch well after your arm is numb. Well, You find her a hobby, something that will engage her mind as well as her tireless body.

Today I found just the thing, who would have thought but she’s really good at agility. I mean initially she demolished the entire course by body slamming jumps out the way but after a few more goes it looks like I might have a champ on my hands. Wish me luck.