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Sad Goodbye

I didn’t realise just how quickly one could bond with an animal, in just 3 months I have come to love the furkids at Dogtown fiercely. Having to say goodbye to one if them was just as heartbreaking as having to say goodbye to one of my own. I was off duty when I got the call that Granny Sasha was not interested in her breakfast, I knew something was up! Granny never skipped a meal… she was taken to the vet and  was admitted for a partial stomach torsion, her tummy was surgically untwisted and later that day it was reported back to me that she was home and wolfing down any food she could get her paws on! Sunday morning I was back on duty, I started feeding and Sasha wasn’t greeting me with her usual impatient “feed me” bark. We went off to the emergency vet and the devastating news was delivered. It couldn’t be confirmed without invasive surgery but all signs were pointing to an internal tumour. She was admitted and put on a drip. The Dr’s weren’t convinced that she would eat but a few hours later she was gobbling down chicken and chewing through her IV line. We were all optimistic. Later that evening mommy Tracy took our granny a lovely woolies roast chicken and she ate half it! I wasn’t prepared when I got to work on Monday morning and Tracy came to fetch me in the kitchen to tell me we had to go to the vet and possibly say our goodbyes. We listened to what the Dr had to say but seeing Sasha confirmed that the best decision was to let her go. She was no longer the tenacious old lady that I knew and loved. I’m grateful for the fact that she went quickly,  with dignity and a tummy full of chicken. Peace be with you Granny Sasha I know you’re giving it horns, pain free on the other side of the rainbow. I miss your breakfast demands every morning when I’m feeding the rest of the kids.

By Candice

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