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Sammy’s Nose Touch

20160525_112921Sammy is a handsome boy who loves going out for walks and he really loves running around in the play area even though he doesn’t really like having unfamiliar people around him!

His dislike of strangers is a problem which I have been working on. I have done some social walks with different people around him for some time and he has gradually been getting better.

When we started doing more social walks where everybody brings dogs on the walk, It was really difficult for Sammy because he had to be around new dogs and new people …

What I am trying with him now is doing a hand touch exercise / challenge which he is taking step by step. Sammy is still struggling to maintain a 2 minutes touch but we are working on it. This will help him focus during social walks.

We will keep working on this because I really want Sammy to be able to enjoy the social walks and if he is focusing on doing hand touch exercises, he may forget about all the strangers that make him uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to better results in these coming weeks!

By Patson, Caregiver

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