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Sassy Sabrina

IMG_3405Hi there all you special peeps out there my name is Sabrina and I just can’t believe how lucky I am.   Now some of you might think that with a “stylish” name like Sabrina I would be a rather stunning looking furbabe with lots of fur-beaus (like Beethoven or Chance) wanting to get to know me – just like it is in the movies or on the TV shows!! Well, without bragging, now I am that chic fur-chick and when you have heard my story you will realise that only with the amazing help of this AMAZING place called Dogtown could this ever have happened, because when I arrived in January I was far from glamorous.

I was found on the streets by a very kind lady whilst desperately searching for food and a place to sleep and rest as I was so very weary. Luckily she stopped, picked me up, (even though I was scared), put me in her car and drove to her local vet’s practice.   When she opened the door I was nervous and extremely apprehensive as I had no idea where we were or what was going to happen to me.   But this lady kept talking to me in a kind, soothing voice and soon the vet came to look. He was kind whilst he examined me so, I kept telling myself that maybe everything was going to be okay.   What helped as well was that they both gave me a handful of yummy biscuits during this examination.   When the vet had finished his final diagnosis was that I had severe demodectic mange and that’s why I had lost all my hair.   I was then put into a cage with blankets and food and water and soon fell fast asleep.

Whilst being out on the streets I had lost a great deal of weight as well as most of my fur and just wanted to scratch myself all the time, it was exhausting.   The warm weather made me very uncomfortable too and I was hot and sticky all the time and really miserable.  Anyway I had this sensation in my tummy that my luck was really changing. After a couple of days another person came to see me, put me in his car and off we went. He also was very kind when he talked to me. We arrived at this special “hotel” and I was taken to a very comfy run with a huge igloo and lots of blankets and a bowl of yummy food. Yes, all I could think was — this must be heaven.   The next day I was given a bath. Now I had never had one of these before and to begin with I wasn’t too keen on having all this water poured over me but the soapy stuff smelled really lovely and then I was rinsed and dried off and covered with towels and cuddled as I was being dried off. That was l o v e l y and so soothing. I realized that being touched like this was something I could certainly get used to.   Before when I had been around people they hadn’t touched or treated me so gently.

As I was drifting off to sleep with these cuddles another liquid (not so great smelling) was poured all over me but the caregiver doing it told me it was to help me get over this thing called mange and she was extremely careful not to let this get into my eyes or ears.   I could feel this was cooling me down and my skin had actually stopped itching. But the best was still yet to come.   When it was finished my caregiver put a soft harness and lead on me and we went outside for a walk.   I was allowed to sniff and go where ever I wanted to and I honestly had the best time imaginable.   We didn’t walk for too long but that was cool as I really didn’t have too much energy at first.   But it was so great to stretch my legs and just see what was happening all around me. When we came back I even got to see some of the other furkids at this great hotel and they looked so happy and a few furboys gave me a special wink. It made me even more certain that I was going to be safe from now on.

Now I have a really great routine.   I get yummy food twice a day and lots of biscuits and chewies in between, as well as many visits from super peeps.   I am taken out every day for lovely long walks and can stop and smell as many trees and shrubs as I want.   My caregiver never gets impatient or hurries me up; I am allowed to take my time.   I have these special “bath” days now every 5 days.   In the beginning it was every 3 days but I think that is because I am getting so much better. My fur is growing back so beautifully you will never believe just how pretty I look now!!!   I have soft copper coloured fur all over me which is getting thicker and thicker.   I have stopped itching as well and my body has filled out so I really am quite the glamour super fur-model. I get so excited now that I wriggle my body and wag my tail all at the same time. Hehehehe “Watch out fur-boys” here I come!!!

Without sounding too presumptuous I still do have a dream to find my own forever home with a family who I can lavish all my love on and in return I will give you all the love and affection my wriggly waggly body can offer.

IMG_3750 Sabrina b (2)

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