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New Kid on the block, Scarlett, is a beautiful cross breed who loves being taken out for walks, she is now seven years old but seems to become younger everyday. She is a very loving girl, when she recently came to rehab she used to jump a lot when being taken out for walks or when being fed. I started doing  clicker training with her which also made me realise that she was scared of the clicker sound.  I managed to give her as much time as possible to get her used to the clicker and in doing so I was able to do a lot of obedience training making, sure that I rewarded her accordingly with soft-treats at the same time clicking for the desired behaviour. As time went by, she become used to the clicking sound..knowing that it meant a nice treat is coming! I am hoping that teaching her to be calm and well mannered will help her find a loving and caring family. She now knows how to sit, down, rollover and she is not as jumpy as she used to be 🙂 Thanks to the rehab team for working together to help Scarlett.

By Patson,