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Second Hand Pets Like Moxie

IMG_0941Hi, all you lovely people! My name is Moxie, and I’m a German Shepherd blend. At the moment, I’m staying at Dogtown, or Hotel Dogtown as I call it. As you all know, dogs can’t write (we have too many “hands,” he he), so I asked my caregiver to do it for me. This is what I told her to put on paper:

It came to my attention that some peeps do not know about us “second-hand” dogs and because I AM one, I thought I’d tell you a little about me and about us.

Sometimes we second-hand dogs get to you because somebody who loved us died; sometimes we come on your path because someone we loved, left us; sometimes we never had anybody before who loved and cared for us; sometimes we lived forever in a cage until we don’t know how to do anything except spinning in circles. We made puppies for people who walk into pet stores and buy them. We second-hand dogs often have old eyes even when we are just little babies. I think it’s because we are so used to look at people who don’t really see us. But when they DO see us…. our old eyes become sparkly and soft with all the love inside us we so desperately want to share. I must warn you, though…… it can take a long time for all the sadness and the scaredness to go out of our eyes, but once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, and then, most of the time, you’ll get the soft and cushy love like something you can rest on!

We second-hand dogs know a lot of stuff, but there is plenty of things we don’t know, so we need you to help us learn what is important, and what is not. We will learn the things we need to know, but we need you, people, to figure out the lessons and help us to practice the homework.

So, there you have it ….. second-hand dogs in a nutshell.

One last thing…. if there’s ever a time when you think there might be a place in your home for this second-hand dog, me…. Moxie, don’t be afraid to make that important call. I promise I’ll bring so much joy into your life. I will be your friend, your partner, your defender………I will be your dog, faithful and true to the last beat of my heart. You can be my life, my love, and my leader.

Please don’t wait! For us second-hand dogs, a forever family and a forever home, IS THE BEST THING EVER!!

By Susan, Caregiver