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Simba & Opal

IMG_9386Hi all your peeps out there in the Big Wide World.   This is the one and only “Simba” chatting to you and I thought it would be a tremendous idea to update you on my life at this upmarket 5 star hotel called Dogtown.

So, just to remind you all of how I came to be back here was because very sadly I was let down by my previous family and out of the blue suddenly found myself returned in the twinkle of an eye. Still, things happen and I have learnt that even though we may not know at the time what is happening in our lives, there is a good reason for change.   Also please don’t get me wrong, coming back to this place was the best outcome ever for me and has been very reassuring.

Yet of course the ultimate is to find my own forever family who will want to keep me forevermore and I will be able to cuddle up with you day and night, go for walks and hikes during the days and at weekends.   Just be there and keep you company 24/7, even when you just want to chill and relax. However, just let me tell you how during this time my life has taken a super duper upturn over the last six months as I have been able to meet up and now live with a most beautiful furlady called Opal.   She also had a family that had personal issues which caused her to be relocated, and luckily for me it was Dogtown.

IMG_7413With a name like Opal that is enough to make you realise that she is something of a very special beauty and we spend our days together either playing games around the run, chatting and snoozing in the shade and best of all, going out on the walking trails and to the play area with our caregivers.   Opal has helped me to feel “wanted” again by other furkids and I feel very proud to be with her.   I enjoy showing her off when we walk out together and meet some of the other residents at Dogtown. I can see the envy in their eyes!!! Living at the farm is special in itself and when our caregivers and the volunteers take us out and we go to the play area that is like lots of birthdays all rolled into one.

There is a pool there and yes – I can wallow in the water, splash around if I want to or just generally chill.   Our caregivers play games with me as well and throw treats into the water and it is great fun putting my head in and eating them.   I get bubbles up my nose !!!! Such fun!! You may not remember how much I love water and with the hot temperatures there is nothing better than lying in the water and having nibbles at the same time.   It is just like being on holiday where you go to a spa and being pampered.

Of course Opal also gets treated with lots of special treatments as well. Whilst I am in the water she is being groomed and brushed and pampered. She will lie all day whilst you brush her superb thick wolf-like coat and afterwards look even more beautiful and attractive. She makes friends so easily with humans and the more cuddles you give her the more she will snuggle up to you and give you many extra kisses.   She gives you the most endearing smiles as if to say thank you. So all you special peeps out there I hope you will come and meet us and see just what a “handsome” couple we make.   At night when we are chatting and looking at the stars we wish with all our hearts that there is a family out there that would love to have us both to join them.   We promise to make you so proud and give you endless hugs and love forever.

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By Joanna, Team Leader

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