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Simba’s Dream

Storm & Simba-14My name is Simba, I am a 6 year old Africanis blend boy. I am a bit stressed lately and have resorted to chewing on my wooden house when nobody is looking. I am sad because my best friend, Grace, was adopted into a lovely home and I miss her. I am looking forward to finding a new BFF to live with who can keep me company during the day. I have my eye on a pretty husky mix girl called Opal.  We have been on a couple of “dates” and so far, so good!

My caregiver here at Dogtown has taught me that we need to always be grateful for our food so I “sit” nicely before she feeds me, its my way of praying and saying thanks for my yummy meal. During the day, my caregiver and I like to go to the play area where we run around and also do some training. She has been teaching me to sit on a mat and to lie down when she lays down. She sometimes goes to sit down on the mat while im running around, then she calls me to come sit with her. I can do this with my eyes closed, I am super clever If I do say so myself.

I love going to the play area because I get to spend a lot of time sniffing around and drinking from the pond. To me the play area means its a time to get lots and lots of treats. Everything that my caregiver teaches me, comes with treats when I get it right. I am very good at hand touches, its so easy, all i have to do is touch her hand with my muzzle and viola, treats for Simba!

These training sessions and play times are my favourite. I am a happy boy at Dogtown. The only thing that would make me even happier is to have a forever family that would really be a dream come true for me. I can just see myself, chilling with my family under a mango tree, watching the family play and swim. Aaah, a boy can dream, cant he?

By Kelly, Caregiver 

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