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Slowly but Surely, Sol

Sol is a sweet, handsome dog who loves playing and going out for walks, however ever since he came to my section he has never really allowed me to come too close to him or touch him in any way..

This worried me a lot because as a caregiver, I need to be so close to all of my dogs under my care.. so I started by sitting outside his garden with treats of great value (eg polony, Viennas) and he slowly came close but didn’t take any from my hand. I threw a few away from me, and with treats i tried to make like a trail of treats leading to were I’m sitting. This is how he started picking up the treats and coming closer and closer to me. I didn’t push it so I did this for just a short time and then walked away from the fence. After an hour or so I went back and did the same.

As days passed I started offering him treats from hand (while still sitting outside the garden), which he responded to much better … I  did this for a couple of weeks before I went into his garden, when i felt that he was ready.

When I got inside his garden it was different for him because he kept his distance again but I threw treats on the floor for him and had an open hand of treats, he first found it very difficult to come close but I did gain his trust by taking it slow and allowing him to set the pace.

It’s been a few weeks since we started and he now comes very close to me, when i fill his water bowl every day he will sniff me, then I give him treats for every contact he willingly makes with me..

Today he is comfortable with me around which is a huge improvement from when he just came to me But he is not comfortable with me touching him as yet. We will carry on working together and I will keep rewarding him for trusting me. Update on our progress to follow soon.

By Patson, Caregiver

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