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Smiling Mike

Hi peeps, Michael here or as I’m known around these parts – Mike with the monstrous smile!

For those of you who haven’t read my story and don’t quite remember me, here is a quick update :

I’m a truly handsome (so I’m told) Staffie blend aged three and am originally from Cape Town. I arrived here at Dog heaven, oops, sorry I mean Dogtown, in May last year. The peeps where I was living felt I needed a change as my huge toothy smile kind of freaked them out and they thought I had ulterior motives whenever I flashed my pearly whites. Heh heh !

Well the guys here have a totally different approach, and I mean TOTALLY ! Every time I gave them the “smile” treatment they laughed and called me cute. I must admit the cute bit was a bit unsettling for my ego. You know, a debonair young man and all that being called cute !

Anyway soon after I got to this place, affectionately called the doggy hotel by all the other furkids, my caregivers started introducing me to all sorts of different experiences – they call them programs or something like that. They taught me to sit calmly and patiently while waiting for my meals and what meals they are, all sorts of delicious flavoured kibble usually covered with a little extra titbit of some sort. I’ve even learnt to go into a little “safe place” called a crate where I can chill out and chew on a tasty treat when things get a bit too hectic and I become a little impulsive. Another amazing thing they do for us is a thing called ttouch. It’s a kind of relaxing massage type touching for furkids and makes you feel like you’re in heaven – hence my ‘oopsy’ at the beginning when I called the place dog heaven.

They particularly wanted me to meet other furkids and this for me was quite a challenge as when I was in my old place I was pretty match left to myself because of that smiling thing. My caregiver here at Dogtown taught me to wear a muzzle just in case some of the new furkids I was introduced to might have been intimidated by my over exuberant and excited nature.

Although I still live alone in my own bachelor pad I have some good furbuddies that I now go on walks with and I now only occasionally need to wear my muzzle. My neighbour Stallone is a really great guy. He is just as strong and muscular as his name sake Sylvester, and also frowns like him. We have become good pals and our caregivers often take us for walks together – they call them socials. At the moment we are still kept on lead during these socials as being young hot blooded “boytjies” we can’t always keep the old testosterone levels in check . We are both hoping that we will learn sufficient good manners for our caregivers to allow us to meet a furgal or two.

Well that’s enough woofing on from me for now. Oh, my caregivers tell me that my progress with the “programs” is very good so if anyone out there is looking for a really gorgeous young guy that can live on his own, then as they, keep watching this spot.

By Gordon

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