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Snowy’s Progress

d6a26ef2-c498-4f3a-b9da-b5d84945e15fHi there townies. To all those who don’t know me, My name is Snowy aka snow ball.

I want to start off by saying thanks to he people of Dogtown for taking me in. If it wasn’t for all of you, well let’s just say I am happy to be at Dogtown.

I spend my days here in school learning day by day how to be more calm, by meeting new people every now and then, also through love and cuddling, even getting massages.

When I first got here, I was very afraid and didn’t know what to expect. Now a few months down the line, I must say that I am really enjoying myself here.

I get to go on long hikes with just me and my 2 humans. In my garden I get to play with balls and assorted toys, these humans even hide treats in toilet rolls around my garden for me to find and enjoy, like an Easter egg hunt every few days. I dont think they know Easter happens only once a year but I wont tell them if you dont.

12e6fc71-716a-43b7-aef4-ce4836dd2978I sometimes go to a place these humans call a play area, in there they sit with me and let me run around freely to do whatever I want to do.

They give me lots of treats throughout the day, sometimes I am so grateful for them I even give them my paw and cuddle up to them.

With each day that passes I am becoming friendlier and friendlier, and someday you could be my friend too.

Until next time

Lots of love and licks, Snowy