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Every day in rescue is difficult, you would have to have no heart not to feel sorrow, happiness and deep love all in one day.

This past month was an emotionally hard one for me. The rescue and passing of Liesl was really difficult. For those of you that didn’t follow our daily stories of Liesl. It was a rescue that was just made to be with an ending that crushed my soul. I was travelling to Kitty and Puppy haven to drop off a donation of food and blankets. The gps sent me a really weird way but I thought to myself maybe the traffic is bad the normal route so I followed Madges driving route instructions (I call my gps Madge) and thought nothing of it. When I came across the skinniest dog, staggering along the side of the road. Another lady had stopped and we began to move towards the dog and try and slow down the traffic. The lady that stopped to help was called Liesl which is why we called our rescue girl Liesl. I knew something was very wrong when she didn’t even try to move away, she was basically walking but nothing was registering. I saw she had milk and my heart sank this poor broken soul had puppies somewhere 🙁 I was in a dilemma we obviously need to find the puppies but mamma was in a state of collapse I needed to get her to a vet as soon as possible, to see if we could stabilise her. So off I rushed to Dr Anthia who set to work trying to make our girl feel better and ran some blood tests. Even in her skinny state Liesl wouldn’t eat 🙁 She was placed on a drip and we syringe fed her and hoped maybe after a good rest she would feel better.

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So off we went back to where we found her. By now we had called in the cavalry from Dogtown and we all began to search the many open velds close to where we found her. We found lots of awful things in that veld but no puppies. We returned each day, searching abandoned properties and drains but sadly we never found any puppies. Our supporters even came out with tracking dogs to help but sadly nothing.

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Back at the vet there was no change with Liesl in fact each day it seemed like she was getting worse not better. We continued to syringe feed her and keep her on a drip when her organs started failing and she began seizing. I could believe it, to me it had seemed like I was guided to save her but it wasn’t meant to be and when she passed away our hearts shattered into a million pieces. I can only think she at least didn’t die and rot away in the veld like some other poor dogs we found while searching for her puppies. I don’t think she ever had the loving touch of a human each visit when I stroked her she didn’t even register I was there. We were sadly too late to save her she was just too far gone. We only knew her for a few days but her frail body and the dreaded thought of where he puppies could be will never leave me.

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Throughout the rescuing of Liesl we realised we desperately need a recovery ward at the rescue centre. A ward where we can keep sickly dogs with us at the centre that just need 24 hour nursing and care. The majority of our caregivers live at Dogtown and it would allow us to give 24 hour care to those that needed it. We’ve selected the spot and now we will begin to raise the funds to build our recovery ward and in conjunction with our vets we will create a place of warmth and safety while our dogs are on cage rest or in need of some special TLC and medical care. Next month brings along the 702 walk the talk and in conjunction with that we are asking our supporters to “virtually” walk one of our dogs and help us raise funds to build the recovery ward. Email pat@dogtownsa,org to choose your dog you would like to walk for and get your friends and family to sponsor you per km with us walking 5km. If you could help raise R100 for each km you “virtually” walk your dog of choice , we could begin building our recovery ward for our dogs  Within this recovery area we would also like to build a spot for some of our dogs that have compulsive behaviours. Where their environment is so critical in keeping them calm and below threshold. You can help us build this place of safety and recovery by simply choosing one of our dogs to ‘virtually walk” So gather your friends and family and lets go on a “virtual walk” to recovery.
click here to sponsor : https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/walking-for-recovery