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Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side

img-20160920-wa0000Many furkids who arrive at Dogtown, come with many scary stories to tell. Stories that create heartbreak and anger, stories that make your heart race. Stories that makes me realise time and time again, why we as staff members, dedicate our lives to the abandoned and abused souls of Dogtown. But the one thing we have always believed in at Dogtown is that is not about where they come from, its about where they are now and where they are going that counts and what we will always focus on.

I have so many special furkids who I get to spend time with and work with on a daily basis. They are the reason for my day and they are the best part of my day. Watching them blossom into these beautiful souls is so rewarding and makes me so, so proud of them and proud to be part of their journey.

Beautiful Layla is currently in training for our rescue dog to super dog challenge, she is so incredibly smart and she enjoys training so much that she is becoming a real little star among the Dogtown dogs. Twiggy is the most forgiving dog in the world, despite how she’s been treated, all she wants is just to be loved and cuddled and if she can sit on your lap all day, she will. She has so much love to give and by the looks of it, that supply of love and affection is never ending, which is good because the feeling is totally mutual 🙂 Rozzy Rooster on the other hand has so much energy that she is like an engergizer bunny who never stops…. she is also incredibly disciplined and when she’s in training mode …. she’s by far the most intelligent dog who I have ever had the privilege to train. She can do just about anything that she gets taught and she loves it. She works hard and she plays even harder. Once she starts doing zoomies in her garden when we have our play-time …. she completely captivates me with her huge big personality and I love every second I get to spend with her. Everyday is a new challenge for Rozzie and she tackles each challenge head on, with so much spunk and enthusiasm, she is really such a special girl with so much to offer. Last but not least I have to mention my very special girl, my Josephine, my Joey, my Jo-Jo! Looking at pics of her just being her, is so completely overwhelming because you dont always notice it when you are with her, but when you look at photos of her you notice how incredibly happy she is. She has a light shining out of her smile and its sometimes blinding. No matter what life has dealt her, she is so incredibly happy and smily and so full of joy.

I am proud to be part of the team who helps these misunderstood furkids to get to where they are today, because sometimes, just sometimes, being rescued and coming to Dogtown really is a case of the grass being greener on the other side, the Dogtown side 🙂

By Wilmi, Caregiver