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Hi friends, I take great pride in this little project of mine, but we are in trouble. We have only assisted with 24 sterilizations so far this year, but our funds have completely run out and as things are now, we are not able to sterilize even one more dog or cat 

Spay It Forward was created out of the need we saw for families who desperately wanted to have their pets sterilized but simply could not afford the fees. Another big focus of ours is feral colonies as we realize no one person has the ability to sterilize 20 odd cats in a colony of cats they are looking after.


I am pleading with those who can spay it forward, to please do! We are appealing for any amount towards a sterilization. Little amounts add up and helps to achieve big things!
Please help me to keep this project going so that we can help the bottomless pit of animals out there who are waiting to be sterilized ❣️


Account Name: Spay It Forward
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62232149121
Branch Code: 254005

For more info please email spayitforward@dogtownsa.org 🐾