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Spencer- Farmward Bound

Spencer might be a youngster but boy has he had his fair share of ups and downs. Spencer’s life was turned upside down when his family (who he loved with all his little heart) immigrated. Spencer was surrendered back to Dogtown and that is where our journey started. There was something about this handsome boy that just captured my heart and before I knew it, I became his person 🙂 Even though Spencer has all the luxuries of home at Dogtown, he has really struggled to adjust to his new environment. I think Spencer sometimes imagines monsters around the corners because as much as he loves going for his walks, he sometimes just stops dead in his tracks and refuses to move. I have been working very hard on this, lucky for me and Spencer we have awesome trainers at Dogtown who guide us every step of the way. It is quite obvious that city life is not for Spencer, he really doesnt like the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Dogtown and thats what sparked
the idea of brining Spencer to the farm. As you know, Dogtown has bought a farm and we are busy building an awesome pawsome, most fabulous rehabilitation centre ever. I have the privilege of having my own little piece of heaven on the farm and thats exactly where I brought (not so) little Spencer for the weekend.

Our weekend started off with a 24 hour siesta …. seems Spencer was very tired and just loved snoozing on his double bed. I would pop my head in every now and again and seeing him so relaxed and at home was just awesome! Once his erm …. day long “nap” was over, we started spending some time outside and boy does he learn quick when he is relaxed. If at all possible, he is the most clever furkid I have ever met. The tranquility of the farm clearly agrees with Spencer! During the course of the weekend we went for a couple of walks up on the mountain, enjoying the scenery and the sun-set (which by the way does not compare to a sunset out in the city). At the farm, Spencer is the dog he was born to be, free, happy, relaxed ….

Emotions were high when it was time to take the big trek back to Midrand. Spencer already shows signs of missing the farm-life (I dont blame him). I will bring him here whenever I can and we will enjoy as many mountain-walks as possible until the day when I hear the words “New Dogtown is ready, lets GO!”. On that day, I will bring Spencer back to the farm for good …. Its so close I can already taste it. Farmward bound for now, then the quest for a forever home for Spencer will begin.

By Wilmi

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