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Looking for the perfect dog you say??  Hmmmm….

Well then we’ve got just the girl for you!!!

Suzie joined us just over a month ago and boy, she has come leaps and bounds!! (wolf whistle 😉  )

Suzie lacked impulse control, confidence and she was terrified of the world, water, a harness, sudden hand movements, just about everything made this sweet girl tremble 🙁

Throughout her experience here, she gradually progressed and has eventually come out of her shell! Suzie made us realise that there is more to her than meets the eye… 

She is getting better with people and loves attention. At Dogtown, Suzie girl gets lots of love and cuddles. She gets super-excited when she spots her harness and is learning quickly to reign in her excitement with an obedient “sit”. This furlady is now willing to go off on her own in our play areas, whereas as few weeks ago, she would have been glued to me! An expert sniffer, Suzie has been meeting new doggie friends to help enhance her confidence and guess what!!?? IT WORKS! With the days hotting up and her confidence soaring, she is now cooling off in her pool!

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of Suzie’s journey. From a trembling little girl, she is now a happy, confident and playful young lady who will be a beautiful fit in any loving home.

When you DO visit our Suzie, you will get what I mean 😉

Contact adopt@dogtownsa.org

See you soon!