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chance3Hello world! My name is Chance. Most of you probably know me already. I’ve been at Dogtown for quite a while now. Since I joined the Dogtown family only amazing things have been happening to me. I am here to tell you all about it.

Talking about the past is never fun so I will keep it real simple… My past was not great. Humans have let me down. I was badly injured when the Dogtown team found me. My face was torn to smithereens, I was on a dumping site and my spirit was at an all-time low. The amazing folks here patched me right up though and now I am good as new!

I have learnt all sorts of nifty tricks while living here, and some basic manners too. I’m such a smart lad! When I just came here I did not like other dogs at all, even seeing them walking from afar got me all worked up! But living with all these amazing four footed friends I soon realized they are not all that bad. I don’t want them right in my personal space but having them next door is just fine. I now join the morning social walks on the regular without causing a big fuss. The walk is much more fun for everybody while being relaxed anyway.

At the ripe age of 7 I have very few health problems. I am in tip top shame. I have unfortunately been diagnosed with skin cancer. Only a few lumps and bumps on my body. With the help of the great doctor Garry Eckersley we are keeping it under control. The great news is he said it is not getting any bigger and if anything it is getting smaller now! That news made me very happy. It means I am healthy enough to spend many more years with my forever family when they come to fetch me and take me home.

That being said… If you are reading this and you think you might be my forever family. You can come and meet me now. I am ready for you. I have been giving it my all in learning these things just for you. I am ready to go home. Take a Chance on Me? / 076 044 1979

By Danel, Caregiver

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