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Teaching an old dog new tricks

by Wilmi

Howdie youngsters!

Not that I need to be introduced but the name is Sox. I am one of the senior residents here at Dogtown. You will recognise me by my wiggly bum and grey … scrap that … silver face!

Life here has been good for this old fella and I’ve been having a great time entertaining the humans. Things have started getting even better for me since the start of 2015 (well if you overlook the minor heart episode last month, gulp, moving along….) I have a feeling that things might get even better for me here on out. You see I have this new best friend (dont judge her, she is of the human species) but she has been teaching me some really really awesome things like running, jumping over obstacles, climbing on top of obstacles, doing sits and best of all, getting treats the whole time! She calls it Agility, I call it Sox’s hour of Fun!

We are still taking it slow, this human person of mine seems to think that an older gent like me has to sit around and read newspapers all day but everyday I get to show her just how awesome I am and just how good I am at all these tricks. Have to show these youngsters at Dogtown how its done you know!

So while I spend my days learning new tricks and skills I am secretly hoping that my forever family might just see how clever I am and decide to come and adopt me. I would be sad to leave my humans here at Dogtown but a cozy bed in a forever home would be pretty darn awesome! I hope that I am an inspiration to all senior furkids out there and remember … you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks!


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