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The Benji-man

6b70d49b-b005-4faa-908e-117fcc3d87beI am Benji, my foster mom calls me Benji-man. I don’t want to brag but I am a bit of a miracle. See when I was a wee pup, my vaccinations were not up to date and I got distemper. It was terrible and so confusing, I got through it somehow and survived.   My brain did not work right and my hoomans did not understand what was wrong with me, the vet explained it to them but they couldn’t take care of me so they sent me away. My brain is slightly damaged, I have a couple of twitches and I don’t always understand stuff right away. My foster mom sometimes have to remind me to blink my eyes when I notice something interesting, she says it’s creepy to stare, doesn’t bother me… I don’t get it…

I was having seizures and felt so sick afterwards, my foster mom said I must come live with her and she will help me with Ttouch. I told her, no thanks, I don’t like to be touched.   She rolled her eyes at me and said, well I don’t have to actually touch you to be able to do Ttouch.   At that point, I thought her brain must be a bit damaged like mine, because that did not make any sense.   She did not really give me any time to protest, she took me to her home and as we walked in, she said you will be living in Alice’s garden. I asked her if Alice is OK with that She said, she’s sure Alice loves the idea. It’s odd though, I’ve never actually seen Alice around.

IMG_8285 That is how I became a foster dog, my days are filled with naps. When it’s cold, I nap in the sun, when it’s hot I nap on the tile floor. If there’s thunder, I nap in a corner and if it’s a clear day I nap right in the doorway, can’t always decide if I want to be inside or outside, so that seems appropriate. I think it’s because of all my naps that I have not had a seizure again, so I better keep this lifestyle up.

Napping is not the only thing I do. I also foster dogs! Yep, lots of other fur-kids come to stay in Alice’s garden with me, most of them seem sore and sick at first. But after a couple of weeks in the garden they seem to be getting back on their feet. It must be my healing presence. I bet that is why my foster mom brings so many hurt dogs to come and stay with me.   At the moment, I share my garden with 10-puppies. When they arrived two months ago, I thought they were rats to be honest. But they started growing and growing and…. you know I can’t see anything wrong with them, I’m not sure why they are in my garden. They just bounce around all over the place maybe I must teach them how to foster dogs as well… that could be it.

 By Tersha, Team Leader