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The best things in life are Free

The best things in life are free (like the love of a dog)
But we have to pay our vet fees,
Vet care costs money – doo doo doo
That’s what we need – doo  doo doo
To pay our bills – doo doo doo
To give our dogs the best vet care out there

How many of you are singing it? he he 🙂

IMG_7390Alas it’s true, even though the dogs in our care ask for nothing but love and hopefully one day a loving home,  sometimes they are in need of veterinary care. According to the dogs of Dogtown they always seem to feel ill and need immediate care on Public Holidays, late in the evening or Sundays seem to be their favourite times to yelp for help.

No matter when or how, if our dogs need veterinary care, we make sure they get it. We never procrastinate, we treat our furkids at Dogtown just like our own furkids.

If it’s specialized care they need, then by gum they get the best care we can provide with the awesome Dr Garry Eckersley who is our specialist vet and has saved so many furkids. His diagnostic skills are 2nd to none and that’s exactly the care our furkids deserve. Just because they have been abandoned by their humans does not mean they don’t deserve the best care we can get.
We are so blessed that our vet Anthia at Petite Paws, not only helps us in sterilising so many furkids from our Spay it Forward programme, but takes good care of our furries on a daily basis.

Then of course we moved to our new farm and since we have moved to our new centre, we have added another member to our family, Hartbeespoort Animal Clinic, vet who are becoming a part of the Dogtown family quicker than we can say “neuter is cuter” hehe 🙂

And of course in typical Dogtown style, our dogs normally need emergency care after hours. I don’t know who started this trend but gee wiz sometimes I think the furries enjoy the panic on our faces. Of course come rain or shine, we get the dogs to the emergency vets no matter what the time or date.

So many of our furkids have a regular appointment at the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital, with so many of our furkids having no pigment on their eye lids they need to go for regular check ups to make sure they are not suffering from the blazing sun of Africa and of course no matter how much shade we put up if there is a slither of sun the dogs with little or no pigment wiggle their cute butts into that slither of sun, which means we have to provide continuous medical help with their eyes.
Now all these incredibly talented vets not only help us financially by giving us reduced rates, they also treat our furkids like the loved pets they are. Not once have they ever said they don’t have time for our furkids. Not once have they ever put finances before our furkids’ care and believe me vets like these a few and far between and we pinch ourselves daily that we get to receive the best care from these awesome vets.

Now although they help us so much already, there are still costs involved and when you are taking care of 156 furkids, a lot of which are special needs, the cost kind of add up each month. But if we can’t provide top notch vet care then we are failing the doggies in our care.

So on bended paws we ask if any of you could help us with our forever growing vet bills. I seriously think the vet bills breed and we need to neuter the vet accounts to stop unwanted litter bills 🙂

We can only provide this unequivocal care with your help. You help us save more lives <3

To help us continue providing the best vet care, you can DONATE NOW or contact to find out how you can help.

Account Name: Petite Paws
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: 012645
Acc. number: 411275739
Reference: DOGTOWN

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Tracy and the Rescues

Vet costs are not :(

Vet costs are not 🙁