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The “Clip-Click-Treat” guide to a perfect manicure

2016-03-23 12.11.07Yo peeps, Gulliver here. My friends call me Gully, which is kind of cool. The tall skinny white girl who looks after me calls me Gully-whally-whoo, despite my efforts to get her to stop. I am a big boy, a really big boy. Much bigger than all the other furkids around here. I am handsome, no doubt about that, but I do feel a little self conscious sometimes, especially about my paws. For some reason humans are obsessed with paws. Well because of my lack-of-love for my paws my personal grooming took a bit of a downward spiral so my nails became a bit too Cruella-de-vill-like….. and my caregiver noticed. She came and sat with me one day and we had that awkward conversation where she told me that something had to be done about it. I expressed my dislike of my paws or my paws being handled, so off she went with a smile on her face and said she would be back with a plan to help me overcome my issue 🙂

It all started with her coming into my garden and sitting with me on my hound sleeper … ok lets me more accurate, she sat on the floor next to my hound sleeper, I dont exactly leave a lot of room for a guests when i get comfortable. She came in with nail clippers and i vague remember them from a previous life and i did not like the thought of them coming near my paws one bit. She presented these evil scissor like things to me and then i heard a “click” followed by a piece of liver bread. Mmmm that wasn’t so bad. She then presented the nail clipper again, “click”, liver bread. Thats kind of easy I thought, but couldnt quite figure out how showing me the nail clipper things would work on my Cruella-de-ville paw problem.

Over the next few days she came and sat with me everyday, each time she brought the nail chipper things closer to me and each time I heard her clicker go “click” which was inevitably followed by a piece of liver bread. It came to the point where she gently touched my paw with the clippers instead of just showing it to me, it was weird but I focused on the “click” and i definitely focussed on the treat. It wasn’t long until I heard a different kind of click, more like a “clip” … the nail clipper made that “clip” noise next to my paw but its ok, the usual “click” and treat followed. Sometimes that crazy caregiver of mine even just picked up my paw without the nail clippers in sight, looked at my paws and then yep you guessed it …. “click” … treat! I dont think she really understood how the process of nail clipping worked but anyway.

So by now I felt rather comfortable having my paw lifted and having the nail clipper thing close to me and hearing it go “clip” …. the treats were good so I entertained her efforts and then one day, after the normal ritual (or so I thought) ….. between paw lift, clip sound, click and treating …… i looked down to find that voila …. she did it! She finally figured out how to clip my nails! and come to think of it, I wasn’t scared, or nervous …. or self conscious. I was comfortable and the yummy treats kept coming, even after she had done all my paws!

Goodbye Cruella-de-ville paws …. hello well groomed Gully! I was so impressed with my caregiver, I thought I would perhaps even consider letting her carry on with her Gully-Whally-Whoo antics, just so I can see what crazy adventure she takes us on next time.

By Wilmi, Caregiver