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The Courage within

IMG_4531A famous human once said, good things come to those who wait. I was never really sure how I felt about that saying. Im not really a cup half empty kind of guy but that sounded a bit too good to be true. When and how I made my way to Dogtown is a bit of a long and boring story which I will tell you guys another day for sure. But today I want to tell you about her, my person.

For years I waited for somebody to come and fall in love with me. Truth be told, I like to think that most people who met me fell in love with me, but I just wasn’t the right fit for their family.
I admit that I did kind of limit my game by not enjoying the company of other dogs, but thats just the way I am. And at my age, its hard to change who you are….

Lucky for this old guy, I was surrounded by so many friendly faces everyday (some human and some furry, and some furry-human ones too hehe). I had my very own soft bed, a hound sleeper for lazing about outside during the day, my own house, my own garden with grass and all the love and cuddled this old fella could ask for.
I had Blankets and toys and treats and walks and brain toys and cuddles and love and more …. that was my daily routine. Sounds pretty awesome doesnt it?  What more could anybody ask for?

Well, I asked for more …. I wanted more. I wanted a family, my very own person. I didnt exactly have everthing going for me. Older, medium sized cross breed who is grumpy with other dogs, yeah people were not exactly lining up to take me home. But I never gave up hope, I never stopped believing, I never stopped expecting it to happen …. and then it did.

She came, she saw me, she cried, I knew ……. thats my person! Her eyes were soft and gentle. The way she looked at me, still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. She spent hours and days with me, just sitting with me telling me about her day, telling me all about her life and it sounded so wonderful. Very quickly she became the highlight of my day.

The stars were not quite aligned perfectly at the time so things took longer than planned but I believe that everything happens for a reason. And today, after so long, I am HOME with my person. Just the two of us. Ive spent the week lazing about on my couch, going for short walks, having picnics in the garden, sleeping in the bed, getting kissed and cuddled every time my little heart desires, conversations that last for hours ….. She says that I snore but i would need to see proof of that before I believe it 😉

I dont know much, but I know this …. there is a perfect home for every furkid out there, you just have to keep the faith.

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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