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The drain pups rescue

It was not easy to rescue those 9 puppies from the drain pipe, but we had to do this, nobody else was prepared to help. The environment where mommy-dog had her puppies was not safe at all.

The pipe was 10 meters long and it was under the ground, but the problem we had was that the pipe was so narrow that no one can fit to go and save the puppies so we had to come up with a good plan try to help the little ones and we did just that. My biggest worry was that, the people who where hanging around the area were planning to sell the puppies as soon as they were old enough to come out of the drain pipe by themselves. That’s why we had to save them before they got into the wrong hands. Not everybody who saw us trying to save the puppies where happy with us but Mr. Gordon , Gloria and myself we didn’t give up and after hours of planning and eventually having to break the concrete pipe in 2 places, we managed to save all 9 the puppies.

It’s still a big problem, too many people out there associate dogs with money which is not good. I hope and I wish for everyone to learn more about dogs.

But apart from that I feel good within myself because those puppies are in safe hands now, thanks to Elanza for fostering them and to everyone who helped to get these babies safe.

By James, Caregiver

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