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The joy of fostering

Fostering dogs has been a joy for my husband and me.

Many dogs are strays who were starving, let go by their families to fend for themselves. With no real reason to hope that humans would be kind to them again, but still forever hopeful that someone… perhaps a boy or girl who needs a best friend… will give them their forever home.

As much as I would love to adopt each and every one of them, we can’t. So we do the best next thing and open our home and hearts to these wonderful creatures who are so forgiving. We feed, love, and play with them. It’s not too much for them to ask for, is it? And yet, it’s more than many ever dreamed of having.

It’s a fantastic feeling when you see a dog finally get their forever home. We started with Tammy, a little Jack Russell cross, who was so scared she wouldn’t get up from her bed. With love and care, she became a little lovebug and got adopted soon after we started to foster.

fullsizeoutput_31ffAnd now we opened our hearts for little Emma, who ended up at Dogtown, following our workers from the taxi drop off right up to the office of Dogtown. A clever little sweetheart, as you can see from her pictures.. Since she entered our home and hearts, she only gives us joy. Lucky us!

It’s amazing to me that these dogs would even give us humans a second chance to get it right.  I cried when Tammy was adopted, and I will cry when Emma gets a new home and will miss her, but at the same time I will jump up and down out of pure joy for another dog that gets a forever home!

All dogs depend on their humans to take care of them; not to leave them to find their own food, shelter and love. Or to live on the streets to get hit by a car or abused, because there is no one to stand up for them.

As I write this, Emma, is sitting next to me. She likes to be able to feel me; she needs that physical bonding. At night she sleeps in our bedroom. As long as she can see us she is happy.

Knowing that we are helping animals who have been abandoned or abused is very meaningful to us. We are so lucky that we can foster; so lucky to discover the satisfaction of knowing that the animal you are taking care of is going to a wonderful forever home.

Maybe it will be yours!

And that, peeps, are the joy of fostering in a nutshell!

By Susan, Caregiver

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