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The ole girl’s still got it

Recently I have been working with my old girl Lucy and training her for agility. Even at her age she runs the courses set up without a problem. She enjoys agility so much that I struggle to keep up with her when we are running the course, she follows my every direction without a problem. Deep down I think she teases me about my fitness, even when I need to take a break, she runs around me trying to get me up so that we can carry on. On top of that Lucy absolutely loves the tunnel! Every time I give her the ball for doing a great job, she runs straight into the tunnel and hides away with the ball. Every time I try to call her out she comes straight to me and leaves the ball in the middle of the tunnel. She then stands and watches me climb into the agility tunnel to they and get her ball out. Then as a joke she runs in the other side of the tunnel and licks my face while I try to get the ball. All in all Lucy is my favorite old lady and she absolutely loves every agility session we have.

by Andy

Lucyy and Andy taking a break