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The perfect match

20160523_145424Perfect matches are pretty hard to find, especially when it seems like one match was already perfect. In this case it was a new best friend for my brother and I.

Hi there everyone I’m Yang and yes you guessed it ,my brother’s name is Ying.

We got our names because we are brothers, very much alike, arrived together and were inseparable. When our journey first began we were very afraid, we didn’t know what to make of all the new strange people and our new home at Dogtown so our only way to cope with it all was to run and hide. All we had was each other, I thought my brother was the only one I could count on but that all changed real soon when we got to know all the wonderful people at Dogtown.

They showed us nothing but love and kindness, no longer scared we started to run and play, we got lots of treats and toys, went for walks, we could be ourselves. Our true colours showed and because of our friendly, happy and playful personalities we got to meet lots of new four legged and two legged friends. My bro and I were very dependent on one another and always there for each other when we  needed it most. We supported each other. We were so good at being friends that the people at Dogtown decided that we were going to help other dogs who needed a best friend too and so the search began. The search for a perfect match. After lots of walks and meeting lots of new dogs that’s when I met her, my new best friend, my new sister, Molly. She really needed a friend and I was there for her. We do everything together and never stop playing, I think we can learn a lot from each other. I hope my brother Ying will find his perfect match too and one day hopefully we’ll both find families of our very own.

By Tayla, Caregiver

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