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The Twigster

IMG_2775Meet the Twigster. While it’s not great for any pooch to be homeless, its even worse for a senior being homeless. I think that’s why I have such a soft spot for Twiggy. Her grey muzzle (ok ok, silver muzzle) is a dead give away but dont let that fool you, this little lady still has a lot of spunk in her and she will entertain you for hours!

The twigster doesnt really care about toys but she loves loves loves, captital letters, LOVES to be cuddled and loved. She is super affectionate and if you want to cuddle and love her all day, she will allow you with the greatest of pleasure.

One of twig’s favourite activities (other than being made a fuss of) is going for walks. She becomes all silly when she sees me coming with the harness, its really so comical. Walking her is a breeze, she sure has a lot of energy for such an old lady when she’s got the wind in her hair and the ground beneath her paws!

The sad reality is that most people dont look at seniors when they are looking to adopt but I know, in my heart of hearts, that it would be impossible to look into her eyes and not fall head over heals in love with her! So yes, that is a  challenge …. come and meet her for yourself, come spend 10 minutes cuddling this little lady and tell me there is no space in your life for the Twigster <3


By Wilmi, Caregiver