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The WOOF Projects hits JOZI


WOOF Project a dynamic ‘pop — up’ dog adoption initiative that aims to accelerate dog adoption through innovative design, creative marketing, and providing an unrivalled dog adoption experience.

All the dogs originate from existing shelters and WOOF Project provides the exposure needed in order to find a forever home.

The WOOF project teams up with DogtownSA.

Dogtown was privileged to be part of this project as they launched their first time JOZI pop up adoptathon! A Whopping FOURTEEN Dogtown dogs were adopted as part of this project.

(Bella, Apollo, Zuri, Mary J, SJ, PJ, JJ, Jordan, Josi, Juro, Jimmy, Jonah, Jax, Jasper)

171 incredible adoptions achieved in 5 weeks! How incredible is that!!! Thank you to the Jozi jollers who came out in crowds to cheer the shelters dogs – and to those that gave, volunteered or adopted a great shelter dog; YOU are all life savers, life givers and life changers. Thank you.

Below are some of our special DOGTOWN furkids who were adopted through this project.

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