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Things Only People With Rescue Dogs Will Understand

Any dog owner will tell you how special their pooch is, but as a rescue owner, you can’t help but feel, well, your dog is “special-er.”   Who can relate to the following? (only owners of rescue dogs will understand, though).

You have to be an incredibly patient person.

Many rescue dogs come with heavy pasts filled with abuse and neglect. When you first brought home your rescue one of two things happened: Your dog (or dogs) was terrified and won’t come out of the car into your home or garden, or refuse to leave the refuge of the underbelly of their “shelter house”, etc. But you know this dog is worth it, though. You put up with the nervousness, constant accidents, and torn-up shoes. Slowly but surely, he begins to trust you. He starts to learn the commands and overcome his fears.

You can’t help but love telling your dog’s “story.”

Keith & beeWhen you first got your new dog, you would relish the chance to tell anybody the precious dog’s story. You would get into every gritty detail of his rescue.

You would think telling the same story about your dog over and over would wear off, but it doesn’t. And neither does taking photos of your dog and posting them on every social media platform daily. This is one of your best friends, so you can’t help but show off how far he’s come. You may come across as slightly crazy to other people

They rescued you.

Any dog — rescued or not — will fill your life with love and slobbery kisses. But there is an intangible quality that comes with a rescue dog. How many times have you looked at your rescue dog and felt an almost sacred bond with him? Or how often do you catch yourself talking about how your rescue came into your life at the perfect moment? Once you’ve adopted a dog, you realize there’s some wonderful force that brought you two together……….and your life is much better because of it.

And now I can say:

“I have been rescued………..…”

By Susan, Caregiver and proud mom of Keith & Bee

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