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thor5In the “old” days there was a well-known nursery rhyme that began

“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, “


Well using poetic license this could well apply to our very special “furgent” called “Thor”. He looks like a little crooked furry and he most definitely walked more than a few crooked miles in his lifetime. The amazing thing about Thor is that regardless of all the many hurtful experiences he has endured over the years that have left him with his little crooked frame and face, he will still smile at you and wag his tail until you think it is going to fall off.   He is a true inspiration to us all and anybody who meets him will immediately fall in love with this very engaging “old boy”.


He was picked up on the road near Pelindaba and was extremely hungry, dehydrated and scared. He had bad skin problems making him look scrawny and scraggy as well as many old injuries to his face and body leaving him looking slightly crooked and unsteady.   His ears and tail were quite raggerty and all in all he really was in a bad way.

Then as if that wasn’t enough for our “furgent” to endure he was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.   This is the inability of the pancreas to produce enzymes needed to digest food so it was no wonder that this poor boy was so thin and bedraggled.   This insufficiency is seen a lot in German Shepherds and the common symptoms are gradual wasting away despite a voracious appetite, eliminating (pooing) much more frequently and stools that are yellowish, cowpat in texture and colour and even dogs eating their own stools due to the hunger.   There are more symptoms related to the stools and personality changes due to the intense hunger being experienced.

Please if you feel this could be applicable to your furry in any way go to your vet for a check-up as there is treatment available and needless to say, the sooner the better.

Sorry Peeps back to our special “furgent”. As soon as this was diagnosed by our amazing specialist vet we were able to get him on the right road to recovery. One of the best ways to help with EPI is to give the dog’s raw pig’s pancreas which allows the enzymes to be replaced naturally.   There is also medication that can be given and a special tinned food for this but if you are able to get the natural food that is always better.   So we began with the raw pig’s pancreas and small amounts of the tinned food to get our special “gent” on the road to recovery.

DogtownSA was extremely lucky as one of our supporters read about Thor’s EPI and had a German Shepherd with the same issue and very kindly brought us a large amount of raw pig’s pancreas to give to Thor.

There has been a great improvement already to his condition to the point now that his coat can be brushed as it is thickening and growing back to its proper healthy texture and his entire demeanor has changed.   One of the treatments we have been giving Thor to help his skin and coat return to normal has been giving him baths every 3 days using a special gentle medicated shampoo. I He loves to be bathed.   He chatters and chortles and makes the most amazing noises whilst being washed, rinsed and then the best part, towel dried.   He is like a young kid and lies on his back on the towel and kicks his legs in the air as though he is kicking all his troubles away.   He kicks and rolls backwards and forwards in time to his different squeaks and squeals and it seems like he is even laughing and the more you laugh and join in with him the more he chatters on.   His crooked face is always smiling at you and then he will grab hold of the towel and pull it with his mouth to make sure you carry on the game.   He loves to put his mouth around your hands and arms but because he has very few teeth left all you can feel are his gums sucking at you like a baby suckling on your finger.

When you have actually finished he will stand up and walk back into his little garden and lie on his hound sleeper in the sun showing off his new handsome “bod”.   He does also expect you to come and lie with him and will still carry on chatting to you and smiling.   The courage that Thor has shown us all since he joined our family is without doubt exceptional.

Thor went to join his forever family this month, which made us so happy and sad at the same time, we will miss his vibrant personality and great snuggles.

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