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Tiara on the mend

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So for all of you who have been travelling on the Tiara emotional rollercoaster, we have some awesome news. After a month of back and forth to the local vet to see what was wrong with our little munchkin. We made an appointment with our specialist vet Dr Eckersley.
To speed matters up Dr Garry asked us to go to Fourways vet to organise some tests. We are so grateful we did. After many tests it was discovered that our beautiful princess Tiara had diabetes and this is why she could not recover and wasn’t hungry. Im thrilled to report that today she had her check up and she has put on 1.5 kgs and the drs are happy with her improvement. It is so awesome to see her bouncy, hungry and alert.

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We knew this Tiara was in there, we just needed to help her get there. We could never have given her the care she needed if it wasn’t for you our awesome townies. Every day when she lifts her head to greet us I am extremely grateful that because of you, we never had to give up. We gave her everything we could and I know she is grateful to have a shot at life being loved and cared for. It may be for the first time in her life that she’s received such and outpouring of love and care and I tell her every day. She can thank our loyal supporters the townies for that. We do have a considerable bill to pay, so if there is anyway you can help us pay off and to continue Tiaras care, email pat@dogtownsa.org or donate via any of these options https://barkingmad.co.za/donate-to-dogtown/

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