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To Daycare or not to Daycare

To Daycare or not Daycare that is the question ?

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For me Daycare has always been something I’ve known if done right it could be an incredible continued socialising platform for dogs. My concern has always been that people think anyone can run a day care and that is completely untrue. For a daycare to work, you need people with recognised animal behaviour and training qualifications there supervising your dogs interactions because as beneficial as a good daycare is a bad daycare can cause big social problems for your dog. So always to make sure and do your research and hang about and see how your dog is settling.

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When I finally found a daycare that I visited and was happy with, I tried my little foster pooplet Laurie there. I have seen an incredible growth in his confidence. Its awesome to see him so excited to get out of the car when we arrive in the morning. If I lacked self esteem it would do nothing for my ego because he’s also that little guy who asks for 5 more minutes when you tell him its time to go. It’s actually awesome to see him play with so many different dogs. I’m often late leaving in the morning because I get so wrapped up in the dogs pure joy. If you think about it daycare makes such sense, we do it for our human kids development so why shouldn’t we do it for our kids of the fur kind.


With Lauries success at day care, when one of our other puppies who was the last in her litter started to become a little nervous of kids, I immediately thought of how all the socialising with the daycare owners Linseys little girl has helped our little Laurie, because I don’t have any little ones of the human kind either. Our puppy Jedi had a family interested in her but we were worried because they had young kids. Weirdly here at Dogtown most of the staff don’t have young kids. So I knew what was needed. I called Lauries day care Furry Kidz and asked if I could bring Little Jedi along for some socialising with their daughter. So off we went for her to spend the weekend with their behaviorist Linsey to work on her fear around children.

When we arrived at daycare it was very interesting to see her with Laurie and the difference in their personalities. They had the same upbringing, same puppy class but Laurie had started daycare a month ago and oozed so much more confidence.



I was thrilled to get the first pictures of Jedi settling with their child and knew taking her to daycare for the weekend was exactly what our little Jedi needed.

Here’s what behaviorist Linsey Lester had to say about little Jedis visit to Furry Kidz.


Jedi came to us with not much confidence around children or other dogs and was a bit reserved. She spent the weekend with us in preparation for a potential family that was interested in adopting her, the following week. Mila our 3 year old “dog whisperer” had no idea what a fabulous weekend was in store. During the weekend we included Jedi in our home activities and slowly introduced her to Mila. We allowed Jedi to warm up to Mila on her own terms with calm quiet interaction and of course tons of treats. The closer Jedi got to Mila the more encouragement and treats she received. We changed up the environment and Jedi and Mila had playdates in our home watching Tv, playing in her bedroom as well as outside in our daycare area with other well socialised dogs that were spending the weekend. By Sunday afternoon Jedi was eagerly approaching Mila and relaxing next to her. In between Mila and Jedi’s playdates, Jedi has also been gaining much more confidence with other doggies. Laurie has been on hand to show her the ropes. This was also done slowly, and we allowed Jedi to lead the way in respect to how much she was willing to interact with the other dogs and had us on hand to encourage her knowing very well that every positive interaction was building her confidence. Jedi’s meet and greet went well, but will only be going home to her new family at the middle of the month. Until then she will be enjoying more interaction at Furry Kidz with Mila and our other guests.



Our little Jedi is enjoying more time at Furry kidz to play with the little human some more till she heads home in a couple of weeks.


So what I’m trying to say is the right daycare is awesome for your doggies. So do some research even if they just go for one day a week. Its one day more where they get to play with other socialised dogs under supervision its a win win.

If you would like to know more about Lauries day care go to