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Tommy, from Zero to Hero

Hi ya! Tommy here again.

You might remember me from my last story about how Dogtown has really helped me come out of my shell and build up my confidence. But if you don’t, heres a short recap.

My self and my brother, Sky, were saved by Dogtown when they saw us running around a township lost and scared. Since coming here, we’ve seen that people are not so bad and can actually be fun creatures to play with!

When I first came I was to scared to go on a walk cause my previous hooman didn’t treat me very well…. but let not get into that.  Now days i luuurve going for walks. It’s my favorite thing!

Now you know a bit about me, lets get back on track. So earlier this week my caregiver came and had a chat with me. She said since I’ve been doing SO well and building my confidence more and more each day, that Dogtown have chosen me to be one of their mascots! Im super excited! Out of all the other woofers they chose me, can you believe it?

I know there’s a lot of work to be put in and Im going to have to push my limits, but my caregiver says I can do it no problem. And i’m always up for a challenge!

So if you’d like to come and see my progress or just come and hang out, then pop down for a visit. I love meeting new people!

Lots of love,


By Savannah, Caregiver

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