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Top Ways to Include Your Furbaby in Your Fitness Routine

photo-1518399542283-995f7cab33caTop Ways to Include Your Furbaby in Your Fitness Routine

By Mary-Jane Gallagher

While it may seem like a harmless treat to give your beloved pooch his very own man-sized boerie roll when the next braai day rolls around, you could put your pet at risk of carrying too much weight. In fact, research reveals that over 50% of household pets in South Africa are overweight. While that boerie roll certainly might have something to do with it, small townhouse gardens and lack of walks around the block could also contribute to the extra weight. But getting Fido back into shape could be an exciting journey for both pet and owner, as there are a number of activities that encourage your dog to go barking mad with excitement.

Actively Seek Out Pet-Friendly Holiday Destinations 

For nature-lovers, there are a number of trails and hikes dotted around the country that are not only pet-friendly but family-friendly as a whole. While these destinations are pet-friendly, it’s important to know that certain rules and regulations need to be followed in order to maintain safety for everyone on along these trails. Be sure to check out the harness rules along the trail, and sign up to blogs and forums that will give you further insight as to whether it’s necessary to purchase protective gear for your pet such as rubber shoes or reflective vests.

A Healthier Lifestyle For Both Of You 

If you’re looking to up your own physical activity, there’s nothing more rewarding than doing it with man’s best friend in tow. Working out with a pet has certain advantages, such as companionship, motivation, and being accountable. Not only will the expectation of getting out encourage Fido to get a few laps in himself, but it will also act as the motivation you need to make the necessary changes to your own health and lifestyle. Routines that pet owners can easily incorporate into their daily workouts with their pets include jogging, games that incorporate throwing and catching, playing tug of war games, and even just enjoying a brisk walk.

Know Which Routines Work Best For Both Of You 

If you happen to have a dog that loathes jogging, trying to get him around the track or pulling him down the street won’t work for either of you. Instead, look for a routine that incorporates your favourite physical activities which could include swimming, bouldering, and long walks on the beach. By choosing an activity that both of you enjoy, you’ll not only stimulate your desire for activity, but also foster a deeper bond with your pooch. Indoor routines to consider that will get both of you moving include high-lows for your pup and squats for you and doing a few sets up and down the stairs. It’s important to know your pet’s limits and to encourage them into activity by incorporating them into your routines when it’s safe to do so.

By incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, you’re not only encouraging a healthy lifestyle for you and your pet but also changing the way both of your perceive exercise.