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Training George

George is the sweetest Border collie mix that you have ever seen however  he does come with some serious confidence issues. He tends to get really anxious around people especially strangers. When I started working with George he was not comfortable around me and he was never really happy to see me. Once I started working with him I started to notice that George was warming up to me really slowly. He was never completely comfortable with coming into his run, so I decided to use hand targeting as an easy way for him to say hello. I wanted to use hand targeting because it was an easy exercise to teach George and I felt that it was a way for him to interact with me without invading his space. Once George got the hang of hand targeting, I used it to build up a relationship with him to the point that I would walk it his run, he would sit and wait for me to present my hand so he could touch it and then we would start playing chasing one another around his run. As his caregiver im so happy to see the change and growth in Georges personality and he makes me feel so that he is getting that much closer to finding his forever home.

By Andreas

George-4  George-1