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Training Troy

c25440a8-e486-48f5-8ea0-1554732c0247Troy is a very handsome brindle Pitbull mix with a playful temperament and a big heart to match his big body. Often people are intimidated by his, but he is a sweet teddy bear.

When I started working with Troy, I will admit we had a rocky start. He is very friendly and very playful, but tends to get over excited very quickly. His attempt at play often used to end up with him jumping on me and sometimes mouthing. For such a big guy, this behaviour has to change.

Inside his garden, in the beginning he would jump on me for just walking through or collecting his feed bowl and even coming back from a walk.

After asking for help from our behaviourists, assessments were done in him to find out all his unwanted behaviours, find the trigger for the behaviours and find a solution.

2 weeks after his behaviour program was implemented, there was a huge change in his behaviour. The main goal for the program was to teach troy and alternative behaviour for when he gets over excited and to prevent the behavior from occurring in the first place. In this case, the alternative behaviour was sending him to a certain spot in his run where he would be rewarded for going to and taught a nice long duration so that a training sessions can now take place without him shooting over threshold.

It has now been around 2 months since I started working with him and he is no longer performing his jumping or mouthing behaviours what so ever. He is now at the point where I am proofing the ‘send away’ with other people, so that volunteers may go in with him and he won’t go over threshold.

I think it’s safe to say that by the beginning of next year, if Troy continues to make such strides in his training, he will be able to move into the adoptable and ready to be rehomed.

If you would like to come and spend time with this Giant Teddy, then please contact us to make a plan.
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See you soon.

By Savannah-Shae, Caregiver

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