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Troy’s Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.21.44 PMTroy is a great handsome boy who loves playing with toys and ball but he gets a bit over excited when he sees me coming to his garden.

So something had to be done about that so that it would be easier to go in and work with Troy on a daily basis. So I started doing shorter training sessions with him and when playing I make sure its only for 5 minutes or less.

As it is we started a challenge of sending the dog to the balcony or hound-sleeper, ask for a sit and wait there so you can come in the garden to put on the harness for a walk or feed the dog while he sat there obediently.
Troy has been doing great sits on balcony but during our first week of training he would sit but as i moved away from him,  he left the spot coming towards me. Just could not keep his bum on the floor.
I worked on a stay, rewarding every second he stayed as I increased my distance moving away from him and it really went well because in only a week and half, I managed to move away from him about 5 meters, the going back to him to reward for the behavior achieved!
I also made sure that every time I went in the garden,  to ask him to go sit on the balcony by pointing to it at a distance that he understands, then rewarding him only when he goes and sits on the balcony.

Getting good results everyday, I increased my distance going away from him until I got to stand by the gate and just point the balcony then he runs straight to it and sits there waiting for me to come to reward him! Such a clever boy, my Troy!

By Patson, Caregiver