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Twiggy & Marcy

DSC_2637Hello there, my name is Twiggy! No, not like the infamous English model, actress, and singer of the sixties, but I am definitely gorgeous and very entertaining. I am the new girl on the block here at DogtownSA, and am really happy to be a part of this big family.

Please take a minute to listen to my story.

I knew my life was in for a big change when my new caregiver came to pick me up. I was a little scared and hid in the corner at first, but she was so adamant to become my friend that I couldn’t help but warm up to her a little. She took me to her house, let me run around in the garden, and even let me take a nap on the couch. I still wasn’t a huge fan of her or of most of the human race for that matter, but this one seemed to be part of a good breed. She stroked me lovingly and gave me all sorts of yummy treats to eat! She also gave me a very comfy bed covered with blankets. Life could not get any better! Or so I thought…

On the 9th of March, during the early morning hours, I heard a knock on my door. It was the stork, and he had a special delivery just for me. The most beautiful little girl in the world, my puppy, baby Marcy.DSC_2818

She doesn’t look a thing like me, but I’m pretty sure she’s mine… unless there’s been some sort of huge misunderstanding somewhere. Being an only child, she is spoiled rotten. She has my full attention every second of every day. I am trying my best to be a great mommy. My little lady is growing up way too fast and is developing quite the feisty personality. She is extremely brave and just as busy as she crawls around all over the place. She started barking and pushing herself up on her front legs already, they grow up so fast! She makes me very proud.

Life is great at the moment for little Marcy and myself. Thank you so much to the whole DogtownSA team! Feel free to add my happy, wagging tail to the list!

By Danel, Caregiver