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Update on Little Moby

moby w (2)Hi there guys and gals my name is Moby and I want to tell you how my life has changed in ways I never thought possible since I ended up at the BESTEST hotel ever – called Dogtown.   You see I was living with a family with small children who had never owned a furkid before. The children were very nervous when I was around them and when I wanted to play they would run away and I ended up being alone a lot of the time.   Being very young I really wanted to play but I couldn’t understand their games and they seemed to get cross with me, so I ended up being left in the garden all day.   I have to admit that because I made them angry if they came too close to me I started to bark at them. I was really miserable and so desperately wanted a friend.   Then one morning this man arrived and he seemed to be trying to get me to go into this big box looking thing.   I later learned it is called a “crate”. Anyway he had some treats with him that he threw on the ground near me but initially I was reluctant to take from him cos I didn’t want to get too close to this box thing.   I tried hiding under bushes and barked at him and even growled but he just stayed there and held out more treats.   After a while as he got nearer and nearer I decided he might not be too bad and slowly came out and let him put me into this crate.   As I look back on this day I now realise that this was the best thing that could ever have happened to me.

We soon arrived at DogtownSA and I was taken out of the car in the crate and left in front of a garden which was filled with an igloo full of lots of blankets. For a long time I did not move as I thought I was dreaming and would suddenly wake up and be back in my garden alone. Then eventually I went in and lay in the blankets and snuggled in and hid underneath and fell asleep.   During that time and for the next day or so my carer came by often and spoke quietly to me through the gate and left lots of tasty treats for me. It was all very strange at first but as time went on I started to relax and one morning I took a deep breath and when my carer came to the gate I came right up to her and took the treat and licked the tip of her finger. I think she had put on some liver paste or something cos it was yummy and I did it quite a few times.   She seemed delighted with this and was smiling a great deal and telling me how clever I was. She was also telling me how pretty I was and what beautiful eyes I have.   I felt so special that I started running up and down my garden and every time I reached the gate I had another lick of liver paste and just kept smiling and laughing.   The next morning she came inside my garden and sat on a blanket and held out the treats. Slowly I came up to her and licked her fingers then backed off and then went back again.   She was so pleased and this became a regular part of my day. It was at this time that they could see I was still wearing a very tight collar but whilst I was busy licking the liver paste they took it off me and the relief was enormous.   I could breathe and move my head without it feeling so tight and sore.   It was just after this as well that I was moved into a bigger garden where I could run up and down; see all the other furkids going past; chase and bark at the birds and play with my balls and lots of other toys that I had been given.   I started to really enjoy my days and having so much attention.

moby ee (2) Then, when I thought life couldn’t get much better one of the other furkids was brought into my garden to play.   What a day it was.   We jumped, chased each other around the garden, played tag and kept going until I was so exhausted I had to lie down for a while.   Soon afterwards my caregiver started coming into my garden with a harness and lead. I was not at all sure what was going to happen with this and must admit I ran away a lot from her and was quite naughty.   She was very patient and waited with lots of treats coaxing me to come to her so that she could put it on me. Yummy treats did win me over eventually and wearing the harness was not as bad as I thought.   She opened my gate and put lots of treats on the ground and I followed and suddenly realized I was outside. It was amazing.   She walked in front of me at first and I followed and guess what – nothing bad happened. There was so much to see and smell, I was so happy and there were lots of people talking to me and patting me. At first I didn’t go too far and my carer let me go back as soon as I felt a little unsure. From then on every day out we went, until one morning, as I was going out, one of the other furkids was in front of me.   She looked so cute and pretty so I followed her to see where she was off to.   Suddenly we were right outside and off we went on this amazing walk together.   I just couldn’t believe it.   We went to this huge area which is fenced all around and we were allowed to play together.   We ran and ran and chased each other until I thought my legs would collapse.   I am so lucky cos now I go out regularly and have the pleasure of meeting up with some of the coolest fur-chicks at Dogtown.   How lucky can a young eligible furguy get!!!!

So all you awesome peeps out there if you have a furgal who loves to play and romp and is looking for a very handsome young furguy please let’s meet up. Nothing would make me happier than to give back all the love and affection I have been so lucky to get at this very special hotel to my very own forever family.

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