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Vinnie Vindaloo

Well Vinnie came to Dogtown after being rescued from a very unsavoury situation. They could probably write a Scorsese movie about his life. Not having the best beginning to his life, he quickly showed us just how adaptable furkids can be. He wasnt going to let his past define him, he was going to take this 2nd chance of his by the horns and prove that every dog deserves his chance to shine. Since he got to Dogtown, we were all a little cautious of his interactions with other dogs. Something he gradually showed us, was something we didn’t need to worry about. However there were a few quirks we had to work on before we were confident to begin his socials. One of his quirks was he liked to nip and jump and then there was that little humping thing he does, which for some of the ladies was quite a daunting experience. While I worked one on one with his jumping, nipping and humping. The socials would require another set of hands and another tolerant furkid.

I started doing the socials and intros with other dogs early this month (June) , and each time he does so much better.  I make sure I choose suitable dogs for the intros so I set him up up for success. First he met Blade and he was a little concerned about Blade, not sure if Blade was saying some ugly words to him but I decided to maybe rather try one of our social ladies, so next on the social scene was Charlotte. This time it was Charlotte who was a little bit unsure of this new friend. I decided to leave it for a few days and then lined up Noah and Roxy for the next socials.

Roxy was the one, she met with Vinnie and they both had a great social. Roxy is also muzzle trained so we knew she wouldnt hurt Vinnie if he fell off the wagon with some of his inappropriate behaviour. They had such a great social and got to play in our newly fenced off area at the farm and it was such a sense of achievement to see these 2 misunderstood dogs having a great time together. We never rush our socials, we think carefully before we introduce new dogs for the first time and this pays off. Slow and steady always wins the race. Watch out for Vinnie meeting new ladies around the centre in the future.

By Picane

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