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Oh how our friends and Townies keep us sane and help relieve some of our hectic daily schedule when they come and spend time with us at the centre. It could be just an hour to spend some quality time with the furkids or they could sign up for a full shift which is a blessing for the caregivers here at the centre. There’s nothing better than a regular volunteer who with each visit, learns  a little more and can become an integral part of your team. We cherish our volunteers, they are the ones that continue to help us grow and take care of our furkids. But it’s not all having to work with the dogs, we need friends to help us at markets and fundraisers and also helping us to spread the word about our rescue centre.


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So what’s a daily volunteer shift like?

Well if you are at the centre for the morning shift – it’s a busy one. There’s walking, feeding, training and cleaning to be done all before 12h30, showeee.

So if you arrive for the afternoon shift you will realize why we look a little more worse for wear 🙂

The afternoon session, depending on the weather, is more quality time with the furries, cuddles, enrichment and some training which your caregiver will gladly teach you to help them. If it isn’t too hot, walkies and play area sessions are always appreciated by the Dogtown Dogs.

Then it’s another round of feeding and cleaning and before you know it 4pm has arrived and the furries are tucked in for the night with their bed time snack. Then tomorrow it all starts again.

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I have to tell you the walking trails on the farm are just too beautiful, so don’t be alarmed to encounter some wildlife on your walkies, the little critters sneak up on you but the dogs generally spot them before we do so make sure you’re always holding on tight 🙂

IMG_6234If you are helping at a market or fundraising day, it’s all about helping our supawtas, selling our merchandise, encouraging people to “virtually adopt “ a Dogtown Dawg,  talking to them about their furries and generally being a ray of sunshine to everyone you meet, even when they come out with doozies like “shame, does anyone actually want these rubbish dogs” … BREATHE IN AND OUT.

Smile and tell them how incredible rewarding it is to save a life and help those less fortunate and breathe in and out again 🙂 he he it sounds easier than it is, believe me. That’s why working with the dogs is always my top thing to do.

Soooooo, when are you coming through to see us? When are you going to become a fully fledged townie? I’ll tell Marna to expect your email that you are going to send to her to come and join our most pawsome family, the email address is volunteer@dogtownsa.org. You can get to know the dogs and their areas and then hone in on a specific octagon to work in on a regular basis or if you prefer you can move around to different octagons each volunteer session.

I can’t really show any favoritism but FYI I work in Thunderville and seriously the most beautiful dogs hang out down here with me 🙂 he he they are all AWESOME 🙂

There’s Yankee Candle Town with caregivers Joanna and Kelly
Montego Home of Hope – with caregivers Picane and Savannah
Sarah B’s Place – with caregivers Shilo and Susan

For volunteers who advance and  become a part of our A-Team (after a few workshops) there is also:

Suppawtas – with caregivers Danel and Mcgini
Montego Town – with Tersha and Platson

We are all hoping to see you soon 🙂 So grab a friend and come on down to Dogtown
Lots of love and licks Tracy and the rescues 🙂

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Contact volunteer@dogtownsa.org for more info or to get signed up.