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We were Robbed

I don’t really know where to start with my rambling today. I’m still in shock from the events of last week and it has us all rattled to our core here at Dogtown.

I’m not oblivious to the crime in our country, its the reason why we spent so much money on security before we even moved our rescue centre here. We realised being on a large plot of land would make us more vulnerable to tsotis but the truth of the matter is when creating an environment for dogs, having space is a huge part of the rehabilitation process. The dogs need the space to be able to be in a calm environment so they can relax and absorb.

I suppose having 4 good safe years we became a little nonchalant about the plans for putting up a full perimeter fencing. After all, every area where the dogs are kept has security and to be honest the exorbitant costs to fence the perimeter made that necessity fall lower down on our list. Purely because all the donations we have been receiving have gone to caring for the dogs. We’ve not had any spare funds for anything else. We’ve cut back on every area possible without compromising the care of our dogs, just to get by and just when we thought it was safe to breathe again, criminals cut 100m of our electric fencing and stole all our solar panels.  They also took the complete distribution board/converter system and got away with the solar-powered gate panels.  This cost us a small fortune to set up, and now we have to start again.  But before we can do that, it’s imperative that we protect the outer perimeter of our farm with secure fencing.

The reason we went for solar power up there was the cost to get normal electricity there was just as expensive and we believed that putting in renewable energy would be a better option. Which anywhere else in the world is common sense. And in South Africa with all our load shedding it is the perfect solution. The problem is the criminals also think solar power is good renewable energy 🙁 So what do we do? Our only solution is to put that expensive perimeter fence around the entire property and as much as it kills me to have to raise funds for the fencing that we so dearly need to run the rescue centre, we cannot have our dogs and staff at risk by criminals breaking into our area in the cover of night. The audacity of the criminals is they came back 2 nights later to see what else they could take, which really set us all into complete panic mode.

We have nothing here but our beloved dogs. The solar power was the only material thing of value we had and they took it.
This year has been a real struggle from the get-go and this recent robbery has really knocked us for six.

Our concern now is to make sure that our dogs are not harmed in any way,  they were all pretty wound up the next day. Dogtown has created a place of sanctuary for dogs. Half of our dogs are here because so many families are sick and tired of the crime and have left the country and their dogs behind.

We have had several meetings with our security firm, our insurance company and various individuals who have stepped up to the plate to assist.  But we are still vulnerable.

For now, we’ve had to put the Recovery Ward and any other special projects on hold as we need to spend every cent raised on keeping our dogs and staff safe.

We are devastated, but we are fighters and refuse to be victims.  We ask you to please share this email with anyone who might be prepared to read it.  Friends, enemies, family members, bosses, corporates – literally anyone who might know someone who can help raise a mountain of money to secure our beloved farm.

Please email pat@dogtownsa.org if you know someone who might be able to assist us.

We’ve started a fund raising page to try and raise the funds to keep us safe.

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