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Welcome to Dogtown Jade

By Jade

Jade and Cooper

Its my day 20 at DogTownSA and for the first day in as many I am not totally exhausted. I have gotten to know all my fur charges and have my favorites and my even more favorites, I know all their names and special diets, what they like and don’t like, who needs some people TLC and who needs a good run to feel good that day and its no small task keeping up with all the goodies that the fur kids at DogTown need and get everyday. Heck I even like most of the other employees (but only because they are completely crazy….about dogs). Even so, a 10km walk a day is hard work, and that’s just the start of my day. The furries need to play, and eat, need stimulating chews and toys, socials with other furries and people alike not to mention special toys to keep their clever brains ticking. So let me tell you a little more about a golden oldie who is wrapping me around his dew claw. His name is Copper, he’s an old man, staffie x and very particular in his routine most specifically his walking routine, see Cooper loves to go for ambles around the grounds and sniff every possible tree, rock and leaf he can get to…. But, he tires himself out and asks, nay, demands a lift back to his comfy rooms which leaves me quiet exhausted after carrying him back all that way. Well after a week of this I was having no more of his shenanigans and I heard that a doggie pram was somewhere around the center. Having pulled that out and checking that old Mr Cooper would fit off we went for our walk, and might I say that when his old legs said ‘no more’ he was quite chuffed to get lifted into the comfort of his blanketed (kinda pink) pram. A little concerned at first that he was moving without, well, moving he adjusted very quickly to this luxury and will now have it no other way.