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Welcome to Dogtown Newbies – April 2018

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These beautiful furkids have all made their way to Dogtown for their 2nd Chance at being loved and understood. Please consider sponsoring these newbies for only R600, this is their Beginners sponsorship which will help us to make sure they arrive with us safe, get a full vet check up straight away and get them any items or goodies they need to help them settle in a little easier.

To sponsor one of our 2nd Chance Newbies please contact pat@dogtownsa.org <3

You can also contribute by sms’ing “NEWBIES” TO 38919 to donate just R10.


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Bessie & Jake were adopted from Dogtown a while ago, they had been abandoned by their previous family before they came to Dogtown. Unfortunately the family who adopted them could no longer keep them due to a change in their circumstances and sadly they were returned to Dogtown. We would love for them to be in a forever home before winter sets in, they are not youngsters anymore 🙁

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The story of Jadis and Aslan is not a happy story im afraid 🙁 We received a call from a family about these 2 dogs who had to be removed from the property THAT DAY or they would dump them in the streets 🙁 We fetched them and found them to be in the most horrendous state 🙁 Sadly Jadis passed away a few weeks later, his body was just too weak. Aslan is doing well and will be up for adoption soon.

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Little Jamie was found on a construction site hiding under some rubble 🙁 The person who found her could not just leave her and brought her to us. We are not set up for cats but we could not turn our backs on this little one. She went straight to the vet and then to a foster home 🙂

I am happy to announce that it was not long before little Jamie got adopted and she is doing very well in her new home. In fact, the family who adopted her also adopted a dog called Sadie from us at the same time 🙂 Adoption really is the only option.

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Meet Goby, somehow this was a month of kitties for Dogtown 🙂 Goby just showed up at  our blanket shed and after some time, we managed to catch her. Once she was checked  out by the vet, she went into foster care with one of our caregivers.

April was a great month for kitties because little Goby has also already been adopted  and  she is doing really well in her new home 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 5.50.32 PM Luca is a young girl who sadly could not stay with her family anymore because she did not see eye to eye with one of the other dogs on the property.

She is officially up for adoption, ideally to a home where she can be the only furkid 🙂 She is still being assessed but for the time being we would prefer a home with no other dogs for sweet Luca.

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Meet Shelley. She decided to surrender herself to Dogtown 🙂 We found her chilling in our play are on the farm one morning. She was covered in ticks and sadly not chipped and no identification.  We have been trying to track down her family but nobody has come forward so Shelley will be up for adoption shortly.

Shelley is a sweet girl who knew just where to go when she needed help 🙂 Welcome to Dogtown Shelley <3

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This big boy is called Captain 🙂 He is one of our rehabilitation candidates who has been undergoing assessments and behaviour modification to work on some of his issues.

Captain could no longer stay in his home and he will not be up for adoption for a while, but he is settling in well and getting the help he needs 🙂

Meet Daisy O’Dare 🙂 She comes all the way from KZN where she was in a shelter who were struggling Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 5.56.16 PMto find her a home. After being on our waiting list for a while, we were finally able to make space for this sweet girl.

She is up for adoption, ready and waiting for her perfect family 🙂

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Meet the cuteness that is Oscar & Dee-Dee. These teeny tiny little ones were sadly given away by their family to people who then in turn, just surrendered them to another shelter for rehoming. Thankfully they made their way to back to Dogtown because they both had Dogtown chips and we could be notified to their situation. Years ago we assisted their original family with sterilizing them and chipped them at the same time. Thank goodness for that 🙂 These furkids are ready to be adopted 🙂

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