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What makes my dog happy?

What makes my dog happy ?

I often wonder about this, when we’re snuggled up on the couch watching tv, eating junk and basically just hanging with each other. For me, this is awesome, I love our special time together but I often wonder are our dogs enjoying this as much as we are or are ? I wish we could just ask them :).

I started to look into this to see what others think make dogs happy.
There were the usual going for a walk, car ride etc. I also saw a few saying your dog loves going to be groomed and pampered. That may be true for some dogs, but I just need to bring out the shampoo bottle and my dog becomes houdini the great escape artist. To be honest Im not a big fan of the old pampering thing either. When I say pampering I mean the whole spa day and hairdressers thing. Lots of humans love that, me not so much. So I think something we need to always remember is that every dog is an individual. While my dog Stella can think of nothing better than to lie her body across me wherever I am. My other dog Ginnie, finds too much touchy, cuddly stuff rather annoying and tends to move herself away, to rather lie out in the garden enjoying the marvels of nature. Pretty much like us humans and just because we like certain stuff doesn’t mean our dogs will either.

Dogs dont have the luxury of deciding their plans for the day they rely on us to decide what their day will entail. For most sadly there will be a little bit of excitement when everyone wakes up, couple of cuddles and pats, maybe a walk and some breakie and fresh water. Basically after that its home alone till everyone returns from school or work. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could go out and visit friends go for a hike or simply chill at the park or swim in a lake.

Im surprised in all this crazy dog world, we haven’t all hired our own doggie aupair. Wouldn’t that be fantastic, of course again, we would really need to understand what makes our dogs happy. So next time you are doing something with your dog, take a good look at them and think are they really enjoying this or are they just taking part because they have to. I genuinely believe our dogs love our company, they love to play and discover stuff. We forget how much time they would spend investigating, foraging if they weren’t domesticated. They love the smells on their walks. I call it their field book status. Some love water, all love rolling in stinky stuff. Chasing a ball, frisbee is such fun for some dogs. So it always depends on the dog. So what Im asking is this. What do you think your dogs love to do? If they had a choice to do their own schedule everyday, apart from a meal and water what would your dogs, best thing in the whole wide world be and why do you say that ?

Email me an let me know what activities your dog loves: tracy@barkingmad.co.za