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What Role Is Ideal For Your Dog On The Day Of Your Wedding?

What Role Is Ideal For Your Dog On The Day Of Your Wedding?

By Mary Jane Gallagher

South Africa is within the Top 10 list of countries owning dogs, according to research conducted by Pet Secure, and many families consider their pets family. This means that canines and kitties are likely to be present at many casual and important events, ranging from family parties right though to weddings. Indeed, just as children often have traditional roles at weddings, so, too, do pooches, many of whom are happy to don their best tuxedo or dress, and join the couple on one of the most important days of their lives. If you would like your dog to shine on your big day, think of the ideal role for them, keeping their personality in mind.

What Personality Does Your Dog Have?

Many scientific studies have been carried out on dogs, with one study on over 10,000 dogs showing that there are four main personality traits that tend to be stronger or weaker in canines. These include confidence, sociability, trainability and calmness. Some researchers have identified an additional trait that many human beings can probably relate to: that of shyness. Involving your dog in your wedding wields many benefits – including helping you to de-stress. Dogs look great in photos as well, and can take on many traditional roles – including that of ring bearer. However, before throwing Fido into the spotlight, ensure that he is comfortable and content to carry out your chosen tasks.

The Trainable Dog: Easy To Train For Your Big Day

Dogs who love a challenge can serve as ring bearer, but they can also do much more, serving as a maid of honour or best canine ‘man’. If you go with this option, make sure your dog takes part in rehearsals so his pace and timing are perfect. If Fido will be wearing special attire for this task, allow him to rehearse with this clothing so that all circumstances are as close as possible to ‘the real thing’.

Sociable And Calm Dogs: Welcoming Guests To The Party

A well-behaved but people-loving dog can stand by the reception desk to greet people while guests check out their placement at the party. If you’re having a garden party, your dog can also simply visit table to table, delighting guests with his affection and good cheer. If your wedding is large and there are no boundaries in your outdoor setting, keep your dog in the indoor portion of the venue so that there is no chance of him wandering off the premises.

The Confident Dog: Rising To The Occasion

A dog that is confident but also able to be trained can take on similar roles to trainable dogs, since they aren’t likely to get stage fright or be frazzled by lighting or loud music. In addition to walking the bride or groom down the aisle or simply standing in the bride or groom’s wedding party, a confident dog can also ‘guard’ the altar, waiting patiently for the bride to arrive and the ceremony to take place. Just in case the occasion is too lengthy for your dog, have a family member on hand to take him and hold him nearby so you can say ‘I do’ without worrying about how your pooch is doing.

Shy Canines: Partying Isn’t For Everyone

Introverted dogs can get anxious and begin to shake or bark when unfamiliar people, sights and sounds abound. Your dog may be better off at home on your wedding day, but there are many ways you can still make him a big presence at your celebration. Prior to the reception, many couples who want to involve their dog head to a green or blue area for their photographs; then arrange for someone to take him home.

South Africa is a dog-loving country, and that means that many couples getting married enjoy having their pet included in the photos and/or the celebration. It is important to give your pets tasks they enjoy, of course. Confident, sociable, trainable and calm dogs can usually be present during the ceremony or reception without a worry. Shy dogs, however, should be given roles in which they can mainly enjoy the company of their humans, sans the music, lights and people.