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When I’m old and Weary

When I’m old and Weary

Ramblings of a crazy Dog Lady


I think one of the saddest things we experience along with unthinkable abuse and neglect we come across is when a loving family pet has to come to a shelter because their family has passed away or they have had to move into a retirement home and cant take their pets with them. I will never understand the logic of not allowing the retirement residents to have their pets with them. Granted I understand the residents will struggle to care for their pets, the very reason they are in the retirement home is because they can’t really look after themselves anymore but when they have so little to hang on to, taking away their best friend and companion is just cruel. I have family in frail care at the moment and the past few weeks when I have gone to visit I have taken our very own little Lawrence with me. I cannot explain the joy on the residents faces when this little poopie is running round, sitting and waiting for treats. The joy of his kisses and cuddles and just watching him with love as he plays and comes for attention when he feels all eyes are not on him. He’s a real character.

When you are taken away from your home and family and placed into care its probably the time you need your faithful companion more than ever as you have already lost everything you love and hold dear to you, your home, your furnishings etc. If any entrepreneur had the sense, they would create a retirement care facility that had full time staff to help care for the animals. A perfect solution would be to pair up frail care resident facilities with older dogs in rescue. It’s a win win situation. It would not only stop older dogs coming into shelters, who struggle so much, after having lived their entire life with a family who loved and cherished them to now also losing everything they’ve known to be surrounded by strange dogs and strange people, its heart breaking. We should rather let them move into retirement homes to spend time with their fellow pensioners. I can’t believe this doesn’t exist, its a no brainer for me.

Often when I go and visit my family, and ask how the week was, not much can be remembered about the weeks activities, not even which family had been to visit but if the therapy dogs have been there, everyone remembers their visit and is only too happy to tell me about the dogs they played with which then moves straight onto them reminiscing about their own pets and the wonderful memories they shared. Why are we doing this to our precious pensioners, humans and dogs alike? Why are we denying them this unconditional love, they both so richly deserve? It’s not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling about getting older I can tell you that. The thought of a life without my dogs is just unbearable to think about.

Then there is the heartbreaking time when a family member has passed away, often the dogs have not been planned for and they become an inconvenience for the remaining family who are already overwhelmed with the loss of their family. We have seen too often that thinking your children or family will take care of your dogs should something happen to you, normally doesn’t pan out as you had hoped. I don’t have human kids so that’s not even an option for me, so I have made it perfectly clear if I was to leave this earth before my beloved furkids will be cared for by Dogtown. I have left money aside in my will that funds the care for my dogs by Dogtown and they will remain in their care unless a new loving family can be found or until they join me on the other side. It’s something we don’t think of, we presume someone will take them in, but believe me, they often don’t and who knows where your loyal companion can end up. Its not a nice thing to think about but its always better to be prepared and know that they will be loved and cared for when you are no longer here. We often think we can prepare for this when we are older but the scary thing is tomorrow is never guaranteed so its always better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you need some assistance in preparing for your dog  email for more information.